10 best things about the Philippines

After a recent and amazing trip to the Philippines, I just had to write about it’s awesomeness. In no particular order, here are my 10 favorite things about this beautiful country:

1. 24-hour Vulcanizing: I always wanted to be a Vulcan, and in the Philippines you can do it 24-7. I didn’t do it because I wasn’t sure if they could change me back after I’d had my fill of Vulcan antics.


2. Sublime beaches like this one. BTW, people keep asking me about this shot, and it is unedited….meaning that’s just exactly what it looks like there.


3. All you can eat seafood buffets for the same price as a Super-Sized Big Mac meal.


4. They love JC. Everywhere we went we saw churches and people expressing their faith in Jesus. Also saw elements of Islam and Buddhism, making quite an interesting yet peaceful mix.


5. Really bad (but cheap!) Chinese food. Spanish adjectives no extra charge…MAS MEATY!!!


6. The friendliest people I’ve ever met on earth! The town of El Nido has no police station or a single police officer. We never got cheated, didn’t have to bargain prices, and were always treated with warm friendly smiles!



7. Cheese flavored sweets: It tastes exactly how it sounds, like cheddar flavored frosting.

Cheese flavored sweets

Cheese flavored sweets

8. The bluest waters I’ve ever seen.

Blue waters of Port Barton

Blue waters of Port Barton

9. Watching Olympic hockey on a giant projector near the beach with San Miguel.


10.  Jungle Friends!

Frog in the Philippines

Frog in the Philippines



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