Yellow Mountain, Anhui Province (黄山安徽�)

Check. That’s one more thing off my bucket list. Yellow Mountain, China’s holiest of holies……well at least the most touristed. In fact, Yellow Mountain didn’t even make the cut on China’s list of “Most Sacred Mountains.” Crap, so that means I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg, now I just …

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Shanghai: Now and then

Here is an amazing yet simple little look at Shanghai now and before. And when I say before, I mean 1987, so probably everyone reading this was already born by then. And this is only the beginning, not to mention this is only Shanghai. Check out the evolution of …

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Backpacking Xinjiang: Kashgar (喀什)

Xinjiang Children

One of the highlights of my summer was visiting a little gem of a town known as Kashgar. My friend Chase and I took the long overnight train from Urumqi all the way across China’s largest province, where we saw some pretty impressive views of the Taklamakan desert, the world’s …

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Backpacking Xinjiang: Urumqi and Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake

Second stop on my Xinjiang adventure: Urumqi (乌é²?木é½?). Actually Urumqi is quite similar to many Chinese cities in some ways, and I didn’t find anything too special about it……except the fact that half of its population are of the Uygur (ç»´å?¾å°”æ—?) minority group. What does this mean? Essentially, it’s where …

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Backpacking Xinjiang: The Tian Shan Mountains

Tian Shan

I recently returned from a 3 week jaunt out in China’s westernmost province: Xinjiang. This place has been sort of a holy grail of sorts for me, a place I’ve always heard so much about but never had a chance to go due to it’s distance from the east coast …

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