Adventures in Taiwan: Part 2, Kenting & Tainan

Goldfish of Tainan

The adventure continues in Southern Taiwan, in a famous beach town called Kenting on the southernmost tip, and Tainan, the former capital of Taiwan on the Southwest coast. Kenting is known as sort of a hippie surfer town, and loads of people flock here year round to catch a wave. Although it’s the low season . . . → Read More: Adventures in Taiwan: Part 2, Kenting & Tainan

Adventures in Taiwan: Part 1


Today we are going to take a break from the “Made In China” series as I’ve started my winter break and decided to do a bit of traveling. One of the perks about working in a Chinese university is a nice little 6 week vacation to separate the fall and spring semester over the Chinese . . . → Read More: Adventures in Taiwan: Part 1

Made in China: Part 2

Last time we looked a bit at the sports and clothing industry and how copied goods abound so that prices are low enough for people to actually afford them here in China. Today I want to show you a few design copies I thought were interesting. Now keep in mind these are not exact copies, . . . → Read More: Made in China: Part 2

Made in China: Part 1

We all own dozens of products that say “Made in China” somewhere on them. Ironically, China is the world’s largest produce of Bibles, which is interesting considering their stance on religion. If you own a Bible, go check real quick where it was made, I bet it says ‘China.’ However, in a culture often fueled . . . → Read More: Made in China: Part 1

My First Visit To A Chinese Hospital

Chinese Hospital

Recently, I had a unique opportunity to visit the ER of a local Chinese hospital, which was the result of a hockey stick to the face (the 2nd time in a month!). Fortunately, no major damage was done, and I escaped with only 3 stitches and a tetanus shot. The story in itself is really . . . → Read More: My First Trip To A Chinese Hospital

Western China: Lanzhou & Xining


The Chinese celebrate many holidays over here in the east, and one of the biggest is National Holiday during the first week of every October, where Chinese patriotism abounds. You may have heard that the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival 春节, each January (or February, depending on the lunar calender) is the world’s largest . . . → Read More: Western China: Lanzhou & Xining

Everything you need to know about China in 10 minutes

In case you know little or nothing about China, get up to speed! This short video is quite helpful in case some of the other stuff I  talk about makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It even covers a lot about modern day culture such as the concept of “losing face” (丢面子) and what to expect . . . → Read More: Everything you need to know about China in 10 minutes

What's a life worth? 生命的价值是多少?

I’m definitely not much of a saint. I try, but living in China can sometimes makes me realize we need more saints in this world. I love this country but some days I just have to scratch my head and ask “why?” Often times I’ll never get answers to those questions because so many here . . . → Read More: What’s a life worth? 生命的价值是多少?

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