I arrived in China May 24th, and alas, on June 1st, have finally had a chance to take some time to relax and get this blog going. Much to my dismay, I found out the blog I had originally started in the US just before leaving is actually banned here. So I’m starting over with this one. Here’s a few pics of day one at the Olympic park at ‘the Nest’, and the ‘Water Cube.’ No more than an hour into my 1st morning, I had been pulled aside by a family visiting the park who apparently have never seen a foreigner (even though Beijing is teaming with them). At any rate, I was fortunate enough to be a special guest in their photos along with the rest of their family. Typically, a zealous Chinese person will grab you and with loads of excitement, ask you to be in a picture with them. They were a bit starstruck, so I was happy to oblige to feed my pride a bit. I repented later.

A few of the pics are some signs I saw walking around the Olympic park. I know my brothers at Teen Challenge will appreciate them!


  1. hey figo and lil figo might come back really soon

  2. It was good to hear you are doing well, sounds like you are one of the “homies”, which is cool. Will be praying for your decision and the amazingly popular camp, along with everything that goes with that.
    Kathy Brown

  3. Hey there Mike, it look like God is doing amazing things 4 u while ur @ China! God Bless u!

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