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  • Cool site with lots of China travel resources.
  • Site about western China made by the same author as above. You probably won’t find better info about Xinjiang anywhere else.
  • Another brother from another mother….this is Dustin’s blog from down in southern China. Lots of cool things happening in a tough place. This blog is both challenging and encouraging! Check it out.
  • Here is blogging buddy Tom’s blog that is updated nearly every day providing more crazy info about China than you can shake a stick at! Seriously, check it out if you dare, you might be reading for hours…….
  • My best French buddy Ling En is a pro blogger who writes about all kinds of things. Check out his blog(s) and see what’s going down in Paris, and be challenged at the same time.
  • This guy is one of my favorite people on earth! My China adventure began with this brothers’ invitation, and you definitely need to check out what Mr. and Mrs. Keating are up to in Western China.
  • My good friend and brother Tim’s site. Tim and I were teachers together in Hebei province, where he still teaches. He is doing some real cool things there, check out his site and find out exactly what’s happening!
  • Looking for something to really challenge and inspire you? Check out brother Eugene’s blog and read on. God’s doing some incredible things out west, you may just want to be a part of it too…..
  • This is my friend Kara who teaches with Tim, at the same school I taught at in Hebei. She posts quite frequently and she’s the best choice if you want to live vicariously through someone else in China.
  • The artistic and creative writings of Ben Pontius, a brother and friend to me back home in MN. If you enjoy good poetry, prose, or reading just about anything else, you can read it here.
  • Another dear brother Keegan runs this site. He is a champion and doing some awesome things with the Lord. Check out his amazing adventures.

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