Shanghai Hockey Time! 2011-2012 Season

I’m pleased to announce I’ve been drafted to a new team this year: The Puxi Checkers. It’s a brand new team this season, probably because our league is growing. I heard upwards of 120 skaters! Take a look at the logo! It’s quite a clever play on words actually, like Chinese checkers, only hockey players are also checkers, cuz they check other people n stuff, er something like that. Anyway, this should be a fun season, as I’m also going to be playing with the Shanghai Red Guard travel squad in a tournament in Shenyang, China (northeastern China). We will face off against teams from all corners of China, and even a team from Mongolia! It should be interesting, as I know there are a lot more Chinese players in the north whereas our team is mostly, or all expats. We square off in two weeks! Keep posted for details.

puxi checkers jersey


  1. I am so good at 跳棋 when I was child.
    One winter holiday, I play checkers with my sisiter for a whole month, so our mind got mixed. When we talk to people we even thought there eyes nose mouth to be like balls and imagine them jump!

  2. Go Red Wings! Hmm… I guess you won’t be playing them. That is so cool to have a hockey team in China…but it would be even better if they had baseball. 🙂

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