Shanghai: Now and then

Here is an amazing yet simple little look at Shanghai now and before. And when I say before, I mean 1987, so probably everyone reading this was already born by then. And this is only the beginning, not to mention this is only Shanghai.

Check out the evolution of Shanghai’s state of the art (and cheap) metro system:


Here is the plan for 2020, keep in mind that’s only 7 years from now!!!!!!!!!!!

Shanghai's future metro plan for 2020

Shanghai Metro 2020

Lots of cities in China, and I do mean LOTS, are modernizing at rates quite possibly faster than Shanghai. This country is home to the world’s biggest cities you’ve never heard of. For example, check out the list below of China’s most populated cities. If you’ve lived in the west your whole life, I would be pleasantly surprised if know the names of more than 3 of the following:

No. 1 Shanghai
As the financial and economic center of China, Shanghai owns the largest urban resident population which is around 22,315,000. The permanent population of Shanghai is nearly 25.7 million including the inhabitants in suburbs.

No. 2 Beijing The capital city, Beijing has the second largest urban population of China which is about 18,827,000. The Han nationality accounts for 96.5% of the total. The other 55 ethnic minorities’ claim a population of more than 300,000, most of them are from Hui, Manchu, and Mongolian nationalities.

No. 3 Chongqing Chongqing with an urban resident population of 15,690,000 ranked the 3rd. As one of the biggest cities in China, it has a permanent population of over 30 million.

No. 4 Tianjin As one of the Municipality cities of China, Tianjin has an urban resident population of 11,090,000. The permanent population will be 12,937,954.

No. 5 Guangzhou Guangzhou  has a population in urban area of 11,070,654, accounting for 10.7 percent of the province’s permanent population.


No. 6 Shenzhen Shenzhen is one of China major ports for foreign trade and international exchanges in China that with an urban resident population of  10,357,938.

No. 7 Dongguan The urban resident population of Dongguan is 8,220,937. It is also the permanent population of this area.

No. 8 Chengdu As one of the major tourist cities in China, Chengdu has an urban resident population of 7,123,697. The permanent population is around 14,047,625

No. 9 Hong Kong Hong Kong is a major tourist destination in China and one of the world’s major business centres. It has an urban resident population of 7,055,071. It is also the permanent population of this area.


No. 10 Hangzhou enjoys a title as “the most splendid and luxurious city in the world”. Its urban resident population is nearly 7 million. It is also the permanent population of this area.

And the list goes on!!!!! There’s another 10 more cities with populations over 5 million, and dozens with 3-4 million!!! The first city I lived in when I moved to China was a quaint town of 1.5 million people……go figure.

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