Shanghai: Now and then

Here is an amazing yet simple little look at Shanghai now and before. And when I say before, I mean 1987, so probably everyone reading this was already born by then. And this is only the beginning, not to mention this is only Shanghai. Check out the evolution of…

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Adventures in Taiwan: Part 1


Today we are going to take a break from the “Made In China” series as I’ve started my winter break and decided to do a bit of traveling. One of the perks about working in a Chinese university is a nice little 6 week vacation to separate the fall and…

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No Need For God?

Recently I was surfing the net and an article entitled “No need for God?? caught my attention. The summary was telling of Professor Stephen Hawking’s new book explaining his M-theory, (a ‘scientific’ theory which conveniently “enjoys no observational support? says Stephen Penrose) in which ‘God’ is not needed for the…

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China Blogger Spotlight

Good news! I was asked to do an interview for China Travel Net to be their featured blogger this week. Not a huge deal, but still pretty cool nonetheless! You can read it here as well as check out China Travel Net and visit loads of other cool blogs about…

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