Shanghai Daze, Xiamen on a Shoestring, and Dongguan on a……?

My winter vacation has officially started as of January 8th, and it worked out astonishingly well as my dear brother Drew K and his wife Megan, along with Megan’s sister Amy and mother ‘Mama J’ flew into Shanghai within hours of the commencement of my new found freedom. I spent …

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The poor, the widows and the homeless

Recently I’ve felt burdened for the homeless and beggar community here in Shanghai. There is enough of them where it breaks your heart a bit, and there’s even more rumors flying around about how you shouldn’t help them out because they either have money already, or are trying to rob …

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节快����

Today, throughout all of China, the Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated. It’s highlighted with piles of moon cakes, small little pastries filled with anything from sweet bean curd to a barrage of flavorful fruits. It’s sort of like getting a box of chocolates, you just never know what your holding until …

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