Trip to Baoji, western China

Drew K and I

Drew K and I

My travels began with getting up at 4:30 am on May 23 to hop on a 6:30 am to grab a 4.5 hour flight to San Francisco. I had a 3 hour layover there, then a 12 hour flight to Beijing. When I arrived in Beijing I was greeted by a former student at the school I taught at, named Bai Li Xiao. She helped me get to, of all places, Starbucks where we met several of my other good friends, some brothers and sisters, including Ai Li, Xing Li, and Jo. Within an hour of being in China, I was offered a job acting as a stern doctor in a commercial, which could have been cool but I was heading out of town the next day to visit my dear brother Drew K and crew, so I had to decline for now. So then I spent the night in their HC, got up the next day and tooled around in Beijing, until 6:30pm when I hopped a 16 hour sleeper train to Baoji. I personally love the sleeper trains, plus it gave me a chance to brush up on some Chinese. I’ve forgotten so much of my vocabulary. I got to Baoji and had a sweet time with Drew and his wife Megan. We checked out all the sites, tastes and other crazy Chinese things for 5 days. It was a really encouraging time, and the days went by nice and slow as my jetlag dissipated. I even got to give my testimony to Gov. Church youth group!!! Then it was time for a 17 hour train to Beijing, followed by a couple hours trying to find the bus station there. When I did find it, it was already 1pm, and I was off to Qinhuangdao, my former city where I spent 1.5 years teaching. Of course we got stuck in rush hour and 3 hours turned into 5 hours, so in total it was exactly 24 hours of travel from Baoji (in the west) to Qinhuangdao (in the east). But now I’m here, catching up with some amazing old friends, both American teachers and former students. It’s good to be back, but right now its midnight, and I gotta get some rest. Peace out from China.

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  1. Langlie gave me directions there once, and I told them to the taxi driver verbatim (it was King’s something or other I think?). If it was the same place, I can understand why you had trouble – half the roads were like one-way under bridges and all that noise, with like 10 different directions of traffic at some intersections. Glad you got to our old stompin grounds, though, boieeee!

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